Civil Society and the CF

Civil society organisations play an important role in the debate on and implementation of asylum policy. Their specific expertise and knowledge is synergetic and has often proved to be of added-value to the Agency’s work. The EUAA is therefore committed to maintaining a close dialogue with relevant civil society organisations active in the field of asylum.  

With a view of streamlining cooperation with civil society, the Agency has set up a Consultative Forum as a mechanism for the exchange of information and pooling of knowledge.

The Consultative Forum is open to relevant civil society organisations and relevant competent bodies operating in the field of asylum policy at local, regional, national, European or International level. Interested organisations can register for membership to the Forum and will be included in the Consultative Forum Registry. 

The Consultative Forum organises different activities throughout the year, mainly:

  • Consultative Forum Meetings (an annual Plenary meeting as well as regional and/or thematic meetings)
  • Consultations on key Agency documents 

In addition, cooperation with civil society is further mainstreamed throughout all of the EUAA’s activities, including the EUAA’s work on training and practical tools, its work on vulnerability, Country of Origin Information, information and analysis, as well as operational activities including the external dimension. For all of these different work streams, selected civil society organisations may be invited to participate in meetings, conferences, workshops or can be asked to provide their expert contribution to a report/tool/other EUAA product. 

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More information on the workings of the Consultative Forum can be found in the Consultative Forum Operational Plan (adopted in September 2012) which sets out the parameters and framework for the Forum.


To become a member of the EUAA Consultative Forum, please download the registration form and submit it to


For any further information, please contact the EUAA Consultative Forum Contact Point at