New 2020 Operating Plans signed with Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Malta

Nina Gregori

EASO will continue stepping up support and helping EU Member States that face increased pressures on its asylum and reception systems.

In late December 2019, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) signed four new Operating Plans with authorities in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta. The new plans are updates of previous versions, and detail the support that the Agency will provide to the asylum authorities of the four EU Member States throughout 2020 in order to ensure that EASO continues to meet the operational needs of the authorities that request it.

When referring to an Operating Plan, what do we mean?

An Operational Plan is agreed between EASO and EU Member States requesting technical and operational support from EASO. It sets out in detail the elements of support which the Agency provides to the national asylum and reception services, including through the deployment of personnel.

EASO’s core mandate is to support EU Member States in implementing the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), including by rapidly deploying experts to provide assistance on-the-ground.

Cooperation between EASO, Greece, Italy, Malta and Cyprus will continue in 2020. Through the Operating Plans signed in December 2019, EASO will provide quality and capacity support in the areas of asylum procedures and reception, reduction of case backlogs, enhanced coordination among asylum authorities and efficient information systems.

Through its support, EASO aims to help alleviate the pressure on the Greek, Italian, Maltese and Cypriot asylum systems. The activities under the Operating Plans will be closely coordinated with the national authorities, in consultation with the European Commission, and in complementary continuation of the fruitful cooperation with UNHCR.

The 2020 Operational and Technical Assistance Plans can be found here:

EASO Operational and Technical Assistance Plan to Greece 2020

EASO Operational and Technical Assistance Plan to Cyprus 2020

EASO Operational and Technical Assistance Plan to Italy 2020

EASO Operational and Technical Assistance Plan to Malta 2020