OLD - Country of Origin Information

Country of Origin Information (COI) refers to information on countries from which asylum seekers originate relevant for decision-makers in the field of asylum. The quality and accuracy of COI can thus play a determining role in achieving the aim of the Common European Asylum System that similar cases should receive similar outcomes across the EU. In the field of COI, EASO:

  • gathers targeted, relevant, reliable, accurate and up-to-date country of origin information in a transparent and impartial manner according to a published methodology;
  • establishes Specialist COI Networks composed of national COI experts on key countries of origin at EU level (currently 10 such networks exist)
  • drafts, via a Network Approach in cooperation with willing MS COI experts, joint COI reports
  • organises country-specific practical cooperation workshops inviting experts from the region
  • manages and further develops the EASO COI Portal which provides a common entry point to EU-produced COI and offers additional resources for Member States;