Operational Support Centre - Welcome message

Lutin Ward

“On behalf of all members of the Operational Support Centre I would like to welcome you to the EUAA webpage dedicated to the delivery of Operational & Technical Assistance for Member States.

We hope you find the pages useful and informative. 

On any given day we have close to 1000 personnel deployed across one hundred and sixty locations in Europe comprising of Agency Staff, Member State Experts, Seconded National Experts, Experts on Contract and temporary workers.  We also have hundreds of cultural mediators deployed in support of these personnel in fulfilling their Agency functions.

We offer direct operational support to Member States under particular pressure by deploying EUAA asylum support teams to deliver asylum services, support on temporary protection and/or reception, helping Member States build up capacity and enhance quality and efficiency. The Agency also offers specific support for relocation and resettlement programmes when requested.  This requires the Centre to implement a project management approach to ensure effectiveness and value for money in the delivery of operational support to Member States.  

The following pages should guide you through the descriptions of the work we do and highlight some of the horizontal functions the Centre implements to support the individual Member State operations to ensure quality and consistency in our delivery of operations.”