Reception Authorities

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 5

The report presents an overview of national authorities responsible for reception conditions in EU+ countries, commonly referred to as reception authorities.


EUAA Asylum and reception operational response catalogue

The Catalogue provides a list of operational support interventions offered by EUAA


Safeguards for asylum applicants with disabilities

Fact Sheet No 14

This fact sheet presents measures taken by national authorities to improve conditions for asylum applicants with disabilities.


Use of temporary reception structures during the winter season

Situational Update No 16

The situational update presents an overview of EU+ countries which use temporary shelters in reception, such as tents and containers. It further explores if these structures are ready for the winter season.


Modular Approach to Reception: Container site designs

EUAA practical tool on the design and management of modular reception centres

The publication aims to be a guide to relevant stakeholders (e.g., national, regional and local authorities, as well as civil society organisations) when designing and building new reception centres according to the agency’s standards and guidelines.


Who is Who in International Protection, Issue No 2: Policymaking Authorities in the EU+

The report maps out policymaking authorities involved in international protection in each EU+ country.


Reception conditions for children seeking international protection

Fact Sheet No 8

The fact sheet presents an overview view of developments related to reception conditions for children in the asylum procedure, as extracted from the Asylum Report 2022.


Private accommodation for persons displaced from Ukraine

Practical recommendations on the provision of emergency placement in private accommodation for persons displaced from Ukraine

This public document provides recommendations on the provision of private accommodation to displaced persons from Ukraine.