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Rolling Out Psychoeducational Material on Psychological Distress to Parents and Children

Instructions for First Line Officers Working in Reception

These instructions support first line officers in rolling out the pocket books:


Provision of Healthcare in Ghana Medical Country of Origin Information Report

General report on healthcare system and health insurance


External evaluation of the EUAA’s practical tools and guidance

This report provides an evaluation of the awareness, use and usefulness of 11 practical guides and tools (PGT) of the EUAA


Feasibility and design for the preparation of a randomised control trial-based evaluation

Remote versus face-to-face asylum personal interviews

This feasibility and design study examines if it would be possible to implement a randomised control trial (RCT) based evaluation to compare remote and face-to-face personal interviews in the asylum process.


National Asylum Developments 2023

A categorised list of legislative, policy and institutional developments in asylum in 2022.


Sources on Asylum 2023

A categorised list of all the sources used in the Asylum Report 2023.


Protecting women and girls in the asylum procedure

Fact Sheet No 16

Based on the Asylum Report 2023, the fact sheet presents developments related to women and girls in the asylum procedure in EU+ countries.


Asylum Report 2023: Executive Summary

A summary of the Agency's flagship report, which presents a comprehensive overview of key developments in asylum in 2022. It summarises changes to policies, practices and legislation, with examples of case law.