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Guiding note on pre-departure orientation topics

This tool aims to provide resettlement officers and PDO trainers with an overview of topics that provide consistent and accurate information about life in the resettlement country.


Template for a post-mission report

The purpose of the tool is to give a concise overview of the most important findings of a resettlement selection mission that was organised by a resettlement country in collaboration with UNHCR.


Checklist for Organisation of Orientation Sessions via Video Link

This checklist can be used to prepare and conduct pre-departure (PDO) and cultural orientation (CO) sessions via video conference for refugees in the resettlement process.


Quality Matrix Synthesis Report on Personal Interview, Evidence Assessment and Qualification

The report gives an overview practices of EU+ countries’ asylum administrations related to the personal interview, evidence assessment and qualification, focusing on overall trends.


Guiding note for preparatory briefings for refugees

This document provides a template that can be used in briefings with refugees prior to the selection interview.


Checklist for Implementation of Selection Missions

This tool is a checklist that contains a collection of key elements/activities to consider throughout the process ofa resettlement selection mission. 


Multi-annual programming 2023-2025, Work Programme 2023, Amendment 1

Single Programming Document 2023-2025

An amendment was approved in December 2022 to the Agency's Single Programming Document 2023 - 2025.


Budget 2023

Statement of revenues and expenditures 2023

The Agency's budget for the year 2023