Vulnerable Groups

Since its establishment, EASO has been supporting and developing practical cooperation on issues related to applicants with special needs. Its focus to-date has been on activities related to children, including unaccompanied minors; and on the link between asylum and trafficking in human beings. Identification and response to the special needs of vulnerable groups is further mainstreamed in all EASO activities, including in particular training, quality support and country of origin information.

EASO activities on Children

EASO provides support and develops practical cooperation among EU+ countries and other relevant experts on issues relating to children, including unaccompanied children. In doing so, it will take into account the general work on child protection and the protection of the rights of the child developed, inter alia, by the European Commission, in particular in line with the EU action plan on unaccompanied minors, FRA, UNHCR and the UN general committee on the rights of the child.

EASO focuses on addressing thematic issues such as age assessment, family tracing, best interests of the child and trafficking of children.

EASO mainstreams aspects related to children, including unaccompanied children, in all EASO activities and will support policy coherence in this field.

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Trafficking in Human Beings

Under its specific programme on trafficking in human beings EASO supports the implementation of the EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking In Human Beings (2012–2016) in cooperation with European Commission and other EU Institutions, bodies and Agencies, such as CEPOL, Europol, FRA and Frontex. Expert meetings organised by EASO contribute to focusing the discussion on trafficking in human beings on the potential links with the asylum procedure, special needs and special responses within this context.

In 2014 EASO coordinated a report on joint actions of JHA Agencies in the field of THB from October 2012 to October 2014. The report is annexed to the European Commission’s “Midterm report on the Implementation of the EU Strategy towards the eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012-2016”. EASO also coordinated a report on individual actions undertaken by JHA Agencies in the field of THB during the same period.

EASO also aims at ensuring that asylum officials have a raised awareness in identifying, detecting and referring THB victims. Expert meetings and practical workshops on the topic, as well as tools and information on the identification of victims or potential victims of THB are part of capacity building in the EASO training tool box.

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