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Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law

Issue No 3/2023

A compilation of cases related to asylum which were pronounced from June to August 2023.


LGBTIQ applicants in asylum systems

Fact Sheet No 20

This fact sheet presents developments in 2022 related to LGBTIQ applicants in asylum systems in EU+ countries. The information is extracted from the Asylum Report 2023.


Jurisprudence on LGBTIQ applicants in international protection

Fact Sheet No 21

This fact sheet presents the main highlights on case law related to LGBTIQ asylum applicants.


Provision of Healthcare in Vietnam Medical Country of Origin Information Report

General report on healthcare system and health insurance


The EUAA Animation on Psychological First Aid as an Awareness Raising Tool

Instructions for professionals on how to use the animation to educate on the concept of PFA

These instructions support psychological first aid (PFA) providers in creating awareness on the concept of PFA in first line officers interested in the topic, new recruits and volunteers using the EUAA animation on PFA.


Recognition rates: Granting international protection in EU+ countries

Fact Sheet No 19

The fact sheet explores positive decisions on asylum applications in EU+ countries, as extracted from the Asylum Report 2023.


أدوات عملية لمسؤولي الاتصال الأول - كتاب جيب

تيسير الوصول إلى إجراءات اللجوء