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EUAA Annual training report 2023 - Overview

Key figures

The European Union Agency for Asylum offers specialised vocational training for asylum and reception officials who work with asylum-seekers and refugeesThis report gives an overview of how EUAA training was used by EU+ countries in 2023 to build capacity across their asylum and reception systems.


Learner in front of a whiteboard

As a hub of expertise, the European Union Agency for Asylum trains thousands of professionals working in the field of international protection. Last year the agency trained a record number of 7577 officials across all training activities as part of permanent and operational support offered to Member States. With an overall attendance level of 13708, it shows that many officials participated in several training sessions. This was an increase in participation rates of +6% compared to 2022.


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Why we provided training

  • The wide-ranging training offer from the European Asylum Curriculum enables professionals to build and consolidate the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the Common European Asylum System  in a fair and transparent manner.
  • By providing common training available to all EU+ countries, officials and other relevant stakeholders can harmonise practices so that any person seeking international protection will go through a similar procedure regardless of which Member State is assessing their application. 
-Photo of Nina Gregori the Executive Director of the EUAA

Harmonising practices is first and foremost about ensuring that all national officials in Europe are trained to the same EU standards

Nina Gregori EUAA Executive Director

Training was delivered throughout the EU+countries and included delivery of European Asylum Curriculum modules, training for trainers as well as training which has been tailor-made to cater to a specific training need or to the context of countries who have signed an operating plan with the EUAA.

Operational training is one of the main pillars of support offered to Member State asylum and reception authorities experiencing a high influx of asylum-seekers. Recent years have seen an upsurge in the number of applications for asylum with over 1 million made in 2023. In addition, approximately 4.4 million displaced persons from Ukraine are currently benefiting from Temporary Protection Directive in Europe while the war in their country continues. These pressures have resulted in a high level of demand on asylum systems and reception facilities.

Meet our learners

Whether Member States are recruiting new staff or upskilling existing staff, the vocational training helps them to gain skills which can be directly applied in the workplace.  Asylum officials have various responsibilities, like processing asylum applications, interviewing applicants, and deciding if they qualify for international protection. Reception officials help assist applicants from their arrival in a reception facility, providing information and support throughout their stay. It's a role that involves working with people from diverse backgrounds. Three officials shared how EUAA training has been invaluable for them in acquiring the necessary skills for their roles.  They describe how working in the field of international protection can be challenging but are also very rewarding