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EUAA Pilot Convergence Analysis 2023

Final report

This report presents the main findings of the study on convergence, as conducted by the EUAA with the support of EU+ countries. The study focuses on the main factors leading to variations in recognition rates as well as on measures to achieve greater convergence. 


Practical Tool for Guardians — Transnational procedures in the framework of international protection

This booklet is a guide for guardians of unaccompanied children specifically focusing on transnational procedures in the framework of international protection.


Country Guidance: Syria (April 2024)

Common analysis and guidance note

This country guidance document provides an in-depth analysis of the situation in Syria, focussing on the key elements of qualification for international protection. 

Prenesi View eBook

External evaluation of the use and impact of EUAA country information and guidance products

This report provides a thorough understanding on the use, usefulness, usability, and impact of the EUAA's Country of Origin Information and Country Guidance products. 


Six-monthly report to the Management Board on the status of implementation of improvement actions to address evaluation recommendations 

This report provides an overview of the status of implementation of improvement actions to address evaluation recommendations at the end of December 2023. 


Overview of the Role of UNHCR in EU+ Countries

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 7

Accompanied by an interactive data visualisation, this report presents UNHCR's activities and priorities across EU+ countries by mapping the agency's specific role in asylum procedures.



Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law

Issue No 1/2024

A compilation of cases related to international protection which were pronounced from December 2023 to February 2024.


Management Board Decision No 161/2024 on the Monitoring methodology

Management Board Decision No 161 of 13 March 2024 establishing a common methodology for the monitoring mechanism on the operational and technical application of the Common European Asylum System.