Премини към основното съдържание

The EUAA Monitoring mechanism for the operational and technical application of the CEAS is a new task foreseen under the EUAA regulation.  

The monitoring methodology was adopted by the EUAA Management Board in March 2024 and sets out the framework for conducting the monitoring exercises.

Monitoring methodology

In line with the EUAA regulation, the EUAA monitoring mechanism aims to: 

  • prevent or identify possible shortcomings in the asylum and reception systems of the EU Member States  

  • assess their capacity and preparedness to manage situations of disproportionate pressure,  

with the ultimate goal of enhancing the efficiency of the asylum and reception systems in the EU. 


The common monitoring methodology further specifies that the monitoring is: 

  • Forward-looking 

    The monitoring is future-oriented and preventative, focused on present and upcoming challenges, in terms of formulating needs for improvement in the overall functioning of the asylum and reception systems, and in terms of assessing the capacity and preparedness of Member States to manage situations of disproportionate pressure. The monitoring evaluates if the measures put in place by the Member States are fit for purpose in order to prevent shortcomings and being prepared for situations of increased or disproportionate pressure.  

    The monitoring identifies as well good practices and share these with all the other Member States. 

  • Comprehensive and relevant 

    The monitoring covers all the aspects of the CEAS, taking into account, inter alia, the respect for fundamental rights, child protection safeguards and the specific needs of persons in a vulnerable situation. 

    All assessments are performed against a set of predefined objective criteria.  

  • Collaborative and transparent  

    The monitoring is conducted in close collaboration and in full transparency with the Member State concerned, ensuring that the Member States are regularly kept informed of the scope, activities, findings of the monitoring and the information on which the findings are based. In line with Article 14(7) of the EUAA regulation, the Member State ‘shall cooperate with the Agency, including by facilitating any on-site visits carried out for purposes of the monitoring exercise’.  

  • Objective and accurate 

    The EUAA monitoring findings are evidence-based, information is collected in a systematic manner and from a wide range of sources as defined in the Methodology. This implies an analysis of large amounts of qualitative and quantitative information from various stakeholders in line with the Regulation to ensure a complete, balanced and objective approach.




Monitoring Programme

The monitoring mechanism is based on a five-year monitoring cycle set out in a multiannual monitoring programme complemented by an annual monitoring programme for each of the five calendar years.


The multiannual programme for the period 2026-2030 was adopted by the EUAA Management Board in May 2024.



Monitoring Network

The EUAA Monitoring Network (MoNet) is the network of the National Monitoring Coordinators and their representatives. MoNet is a forum designed to support the implementation of monitoring mechanism, regularly exchange feedback and draw lessons from the implementation of the monitoring mechanism. The MoNet will also be consulted in reviewing technical aspects of the implementation of the methodology with a view to improve the monitoring processes and to facilitate their uniform application.   

Members of the Network may access its restricted area