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Training Tools

EUAA Learning Management System (LMS)

Using a blended learning methodology, we incorporate online learning with face-to-face sessions.

The EUAA hosts and operates a Learning Management System to administer and deliver training courses and record training progress. The LMS enables learners to follow training programmes online, supporting the blended learning methodology outlined in the EUAA Training and Learning Strategy. This learner-centred approach provides a platform for learners to be supported online by a trainer who provides them with feedback throughout the duration of the online phase of their training session. 

It also hosts virtual networks and communities of practice between trainers and content experts facilitating sharing and exchange of information and good practices.

The European Sectoral Qualifications Framework (ESQF)

The European Sectoral Qualifications Framework for asylum and reception officials (ESQF)

The aim of the ESQF is to identify relevant training that can build learning paths and programmes for Member State asylum and reception officials. It contributes to the identification of training that is targeted to learners’ individual needs as well as to the specific needs of their organisation. It will also enable the identification of areas where there is a need for the development of new training.

The ESQF Toolkit provides users with a comprehensive explanation of when and how the ESQF can be used. 

The EUAA Training Needs Analysis Tool (ETNAT)

The EUAA Training Needs Analysis Tool (ETNAT), enables Member States to align training to the specific needs of their national context. 

The use of ETNAT which build on the ESQF enables asylum and reception officials and/or national administrations to identify learning paths which best address their training needs and country-specific context.

Target users

The tool can be used by:

  • Asylum and reception officials to identify their most suitable learning path and professional development training needs, or to request training when their duties and tasks change.
  • Human Resources personnel in national asylum and reception administrations, on behalf of their officials.
  • Managers who wish to conduct thorough and detailed training needs analyses and implement the appropriate training.

Streamlining communication

The tool provides a more streamlined communication between the EUAA and Member States as it enables the officials and their administrations to identify their training needs in a similar and consistent way and communicate them to EUAA allowing for enhanced efficiency in training needs analysis.