EASO Organisation Structure

The administrative and management structure of EASO comprises the Management Board and the Executive Director. The Executive Director is assisted by the Management Team. EASO is currently made up of around 300 staff members which are based in Malta or deployed in the countries where EASO operates.

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 EASO Management Team
 Nina GREGORI  Executive Director [CV]
 Alexander SOREL  Senior Adviser to the Executive Director
 Mark CAMILLERI  Head of Executive Office
 Head of Administration Centre (C4) a.i.
 Patrick AUSTIN  Head of Operational Support Centre (C1) a.i.
 Head of Country Operations Unit
 Malin LARSSON-GRAVE       Head of Horizontal Operations and External Dimension Unit a.i.
 Rachelle CORTIS  Head of Training and Professional Development Centre (C2) a.i.
 Head of Training Development Unit
 Karolina MARCJANIK     Head of Training Implementation Unit a.i.
 Ward LUTIN  Head of Asylum Knowledge Centre (C3)
 Christophe HESSELS  Head of Third Country Research Unit a.i.
 Joao FERNANDES  Head of ICT Unit
 Fernando RAMOS  Head of Finance and Procurement Unit