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Looking behind the facts and figures - The EASO Annual Training Report 2020

This year’s Annual Training Report provides more than an update on outcomes achieved throughout the year by the EASO Training and Professional Development Centre. As a departure from previous editions, the report goes beyond the numbers to focus on specific themes highlighting important areas of the Centre’s activities as well as anticipating some of the main developments in EASO training over the coming year.

Key figures of EASO training activities in 2020

Spotlight on specific themes

Member States used this period of change to invest time in training

The report also focuses on specific themes such as adapting training activities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. You will see how, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, EASO was able to rapidly respond by providing virtual solutions to maintain high levels of training delivery during 2020…and high levels of satisfaction.


Milestones reached

The EASO Training Quality Assurance Framework, developed in 2020, provides the guidelines for ensuring that consistently high training standards are maintained and enhanced across all areas of the training cycle. The integration of quality standards requires a more student-centred approach to learning and training, embracing flexible learning paths and highlighting the vocational aspect of training. 

Implementing training quality assurance across all training activities

An important milestone reached in 2020 was the finalisation of the European Sectoral Qualifications Framework for asylum and reception officials (ESQF). The framework is now being used to inform a learning outcomes approach for training design.

Future focus

Building on the achievements of 2020, EASO is restructuring the EASO Training Curriculum and developing assessments in preparation for the incremental roll-out of certified training which will kick-off Q4 of 2021.

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