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News Published: 10 February 2022

The EU Asylum Agency begins trainer certification for qualified asylum and reception officials

certified training

The European Union Agency for Asylum is expanding its specialised training offer to give existing trainers the opportunity to become certified and able to deliver certified training sessions to asylum and reception officials across Europe. 

As part of an expanded mandate, and with the aim of becoming an accredited training provider  for officials and practitioners working in the field of international protection, this new offer will ensure that persons working in the relevant national authorities, EU agencies, and third countries can quickly receive the training they need from certified trainers in the areas covered by the European  Asylum Curriculum. 

With more knowledgeable, skilled and certified officials available to provide certified training, Member States will be able to respond rapidly and efficiently to sudden increases in applications for international protection as staff and experts will be able to follow certified training at shorter notice. 

By being fully committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency as reflected in the Agency’s Training and Learning Strategy, it is important to prepare learners for their day-to-day duties and tasks by identifying their training needs. 

Certified training is an important and powerful tool that gives learners, both novice and experienced, the confidence to know that they are fit for the task, that their work is in line with Europe’s high standards and that they will be able to cope with the challenges that lie ahead. 

It is important to mention here, that since 2011, the EUAA has trained more than 50.000 officials.

When designing our training, we use a learning outcomes approach to ensure that our learners, who are mainly officials working in the field of asylum and reception are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs. And now we are providing learners with the opportunity to demonstrate that they have successfully achieved that knowledge and skills though the assessment of the module learning outcomes. This is what we call 'certified training'

Ms Nina Gregori EUAA’s Executive Director


This video developed by the EUAA, shows in a friendly and modern way, a) what is certified training, b) how the successful completion of an assessment can ensure that the learner has the knowledge, skills and competences needed to perform their duties and tasks in the area of asylum and reception and c) how the EUAA trainers can become certified trainers


If you have already delivered EUAA/EASO trainings and you want to become a certified trainer please contact your Training National Contact Point or;

Find more information about the EUAA’s Training and Professional Development.