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News Published: 7 March 2023

EUAA presents new Strategy on the external dimension of international protection

EUAA International Cooperation

The Management Board of the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) adopted a revised External Cooperation Strategy. The Strategy was amended to reflect the significant developments in the external dimension of the Common European Asylum System since 2019, as well as the entry-into-force of the updated EUAA Regulation. The latter equips the Agency with a stronger mandate to work with our international partners on protection issues.

The Strategy was reviewed after extensive consultations with Member States, the European Commission, and relevant stakeholders. It builds on past achievements and the lessons learned to present a clear and future-proof vision for the Agency’s actions on Third-Country Support, Resettlement, and Humanitarian Admission.

The Strategy lists four strategic objectives, which will be achieved in accordance with the principles of coherence, solidarity, and sustainability. It paves the way for new developments, such as deploying liaison officers in third countries, developing a catalogue of external action services, enhancing coordination among EU+ countries, and implementing an “outreach services” approach to support EU+ countries’ resettlement operations in various partner countries.

You can download the updated External Cooperation Strategy, as well as an easy-to-use factsheet summarising key changes.

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