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Environmental sustainability of reception facilities for asylum seekers

Situational Update No 18

Key findings are presented on the environmental sustainability of accommodation structures for asylum seekers.


Identifying and supporting victims of human trafficking in the asylum procedure

Situational Update No 17

The situational update presents developments at the national and EU levels related to protecting asylum applicants who are victims of human trafficking.


Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law

Issue No 1/2023

A compilation of cases related to asylum which were pronounced from December 2022 to February 2023.


Authorities and Stakeholders Involved in Resettlement and Humanitarian Admissions

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 6

Accompanied by an interactive data visualisation, this report presents an overview of resettlement and humaniarian admission programmes and the authorities which are responsible for their governance.

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Providing Temporary Protection to Displaced Persons from Ukraine: A Year in Review

The report covers national developments in the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive, from crisis measures to changing legislation and practices.


Reception Authorities

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 5

The report presents an overview of national authorities responsible for reception conditions in EU+ countries, commonly referred to as reception authorities.


Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law, Issue No 4/2022

The overview summarises court cases related to international protection for the period September to November 2022


Applying the Concept of Safe Countries in the Asylum Procedure

This report summarises the application of safe country concepts across EU+ countries, highlighting similarities and differences in practices