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Guidance on Contingency Planning and Preparedness in the Asylum Procedure

Operational standards and indicators

This guidance provides operational standards and indicators on contingency planning in the asylum procedure in order to help EU+ countries to build or review their national contingency plans based on the proposed standards


Quality Assurance Tool

Examination of applications for international protection

This publication provides guidance on the methodology for the quality assessment of applications for international protection.


Practical Guide on Quality Assurance in Asylum Procedures

This guide aims to support asylum administrations to implement a quality assurance methodology in the asylum procedure and further develop their quality management systems.


Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure – Essential Rules

This poster describes ten essential rules to keep in mind when interpreting in the asylum procedure.


Practical Guide on Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure

Primarily intended for interpreters in the asylum procedure, this guide informs interpreters on what to expect when performing their tasks, explains their role and key principles to uphold, and provides guidance on how to interpret in line with international standards.


Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure – Checklists

These four checklists help interpreters working in the asylum procedure to prepare for an assignment and to self-assess their own performance following an interpretation. A specific checklist is dedicated to remote interpretation.


Practical Guide on Evidence and Risk Assessment

This guide provides a comprehensive methodology and core guidance to the case officer on the three steps of the evidence and risk assessment:


EUAA Strategy on Digital Innovation in Asylum Procedures and Reception Systems

This Strategy creates a framework to enhance the effectiveness of the CEAS by supporting EU+ countries in a meaningful digital transformation of asylum processes.