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Data on resettlement activities in 2022

Fact Sheet No 18

This fact sheet presents data from Eurostat on resettled refugees, complementing the section on resettlement and humanitarian admissions in the Asylum Report 2023.


Authorities and Stakeholders Involved in Resettlement and Humanitarian Admissions

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 6

Accompanied by an interactive data visualisation, this report presents an overview of resettlement and humaniarian admission programmes and the authorities which are responsible for their governance.

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EUAA External Cooperation Strategy

The External Cooperation Strategy determines the overall direction, objectives and scope of EUAA actions in the external dimension along two pillars: Third-Country Support and Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission.


Kontrolni popis za organizaciju sastanaka za informiranje prije odlaska i upoznavanje s kulturom putem videoveze

This checklist can be used to prepare and conduct pre-departure (PDO) and cultural orientation (CO) sessions via video conference for refugees in the resettlement process.


Nota de orientação sobre a comunicação através de intérpretes

This document intends to promote and ensure the quality of interpretation services for resettlement countries.


Praxisleitfaden für die Aktenprüfung

This tool provides guidance for assessing a resettlement submission via dossier examination i.e. based on the UNHCR file.


Käytännön opas valintamatkojen suunnitteluun ja toteuttamiseen

This tool is intended as a brief guide to accompany resettlement officials when preparing and implementing a resettlement selection mission.


Template voor een verslag na een missie

The purpose of the tool is to give a concise overview of the most important findings of a resettlement selection mission that was organised by a resettlement country in collaboration with UNHCR.