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EUAA Pilot Convergence Analysis 2023

Final report

This report presents the main findings of the study on convergence, as conducted by the EUAA with the support of EU+ countries. The study focuses on the main factors leading to variations in recognition rates as well as on measures to achieve greater convergence. 


Afghanistan - Country Focus

This report contains information on the general security and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, as well as on the targeting of certain individuals.


Venezuela - Enfoque de país

Este informe proporciona una breve actualización sobre una selección de temas concretos que son relevantes para considerar las necesidades de protección internacional en Venezuela.


Venezuela - Country Focus

This report provides a targeted, brief update on a selection of specific topics relevant for international protection considerations in Venezuela. It complements and updates certain topics already covered in the COI Report on Venezuela: Country Focus (2020), and refers back to it where relevant.


Peru - Country Focus

This report provides a general overview of the main issues relevant to international protection in the assessment of claims from Peru.


Perú - Enfoque de país

Este informe ofrece una visión general de las cuestiones principales relevantes para la evaluación de necesidad de protección internacional para las solicitudes de Perú. Analiza la situación económica y política del país, así como su sistema judicial y sus fuerzas de seguridad.


Syria - Security Situation

This report examines the nature of armed conflicts taking place in the territory, the nature of the violence and presence of armed actors in different areas, and the impact on civilians, for example in terms of casualties/fatalities and conflict-linked displacement.


Somali: Güvenlik Durumu

Raporda 1991’den önce Somali geçici anayasası tarafından öngörülen 18 idari bölge için hem ülke hem de bölge düzeyindeki güvenlik durumu hakkında güncel bilgilere ve haritalandırmaya yer verilmektedir