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Key socio-economic indicators in Afghanistan and in Kabul city

This report provides background information on Afghanistan, an overview of key socio-economic indicators for Afghanistan and Kabul City, child specific issues, networks of support and mobility and travel in the country.


Afghanistan – Targeting of individuals

This report gives in the background chapter a contextual understanding of the general population’s situation in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. It contains information on the political context, the functioning of the de facto state administration, and the implemented Islamic law (sharia).


Afghanistan – Security situation

This report provides in the first part, a General description of the security situation in Afghanistan is given which is then explained in greater detail in the second part, holding a regional description of the security situation in Afghanistan (Kabul City and 34 provinces).


COI Report Afghanistan - Country focus

This report provides a description of the general situation, of the security and economic situation and of the socio-political landscape of the country since the Taliban takeover.