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Protecting women and girls in the asylum procedure

Fact Sheet No 24

Based on the Asylum Report 2024, the fact sheet presents developments related to women and girls in the asylum procedure in EU+ countries.


Practical Guides and Tools Catalogue 2024 edition

in support of asylum processes and reception systems

This catalogue presents all of the practical guids and tools that the EUAA has developed to help increase the knowledge and technical skills of asylum practitioners working in the field of international protection.


Guidance on Vulnerability in Asylum and Reception

Operational standards and indicators

These operational standards and indicators support Member States in the implementation of key provisions of the CEAS, addressing issues related to applicants in a situation of vulnerability in asylum and reception.


Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure – Checklists

These four checklists help interpreters working in the asylum procedure to prepare for an assignment and to self-assess their own performance following an interpretation. A specific checklist is dedicated to remote interpretation.


Practical Guide on Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure

Primarily intended for interpreters in the asylum procedure, this guide informs interpreters on what to expect when performing their tasks, explains their role and key principles to uphold, and provides guidance on how to interpret in line with international standards.


Interpretation in the Asylum Procedure – Essential Rules

This poster describes ten essential rules to keep in mind when interpreting in the asylum procedure.


EUAA Strategy on Vulnerability

The purpose of the EUAA Strategy on Vulnerability is to define the overarching framework within which the EUAA will develop its work related to vulnerability in supporting EU Member States and associated countries (EU+ countries).


Rolling Out Psychoeducational Material on Psychological Distress to Parents and Children

Instructions for First Line Officers Working in Reception

These instructions support first line officers in rolling out the pocket books: