Medical Country of Origin Information Report on Nigeria

This report starts with a general introduction to the country and the healthcare system organisation.


Country Guidance: Afghanistan (April 2022)

Common analysis and guidance note

This country guidance document provides an in-depth analysis of the situation in Afghanistan, focussing on the key elements of qualification for international protection.

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Who is Who in International Protection, Issue No 1: Asylum Authorities in the EU+

The first report in the series maps the role of national authorities who are responsible to different steps of asylum and reception systems. The report is accompanied by an interactive data visualisation.


Analysis on Asylum and Temporary Protection in the EU+ in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis

Week 13 (28 March – 3 April) 2022


To ensure a timely situational picture after the Russian invasion in Ukraine on 28 February the EUAA has been monitoring the situation of asylum and temporary protection based on data exchanged within the Early warning and Preparedness System (EPS).


EU+ countries address the protection needs of displaced people from Ukraine, Situational Update No 14

Situational Update, Issue No 14

The report presents the latest developments from 24 March-6 April 2022 on addressing protection needs of displaced people from Ukraine.


EUAA Writing Guide

The Guide is a quick, step-by-step reference for EUAA drafters, proof-readers and editors, and in general to all EUAA staff. It presents the house style and practical tips on how to prepare a new document while using existing templates, and following the EUAA and EU standard writing styles.