Overview of the organisation of reception systems in EU+ countries

Situational Update, Issue No 8

This report provides a comprehensive overview of reception systems, from the roles of authorities to the types of accommodation available.


COI Report Afghanistan - Country focus

This report provides a description of the general situation, of the security and economic situation and of the socio-political landscape of the country since the Taliban takeover.


Consultation with Applicants for International Protection on Mental Health

This consultation report aims to capture the voices of applicants for international protection with respect to the mental health concerns some face in asylum and reception.

Practical Guide on Exclusion for Serious (Non-Political) Crimes

This guide provides a brief reminder of the main elements of the exclusion examination and explains the constitutive elements of the serious (non-political) crimes ground, the interplay between exclusion for serious (non-political) crimes and closely related provisions, as well as its relation to


Information provision in the Dublin procedure

Providing information on the Dublin procedure to applicants for international protection is an integral part of the procedure itself. This practical guide was developed to support all officials tasked with providing such information in an effective manner.


Practical Guide on Subsequent Applications

The aim of this tool is to provide guidance to case officers on the examination process and the special procedural rules for assessing subsequent applications.


Practical guide on registration

lodging of applications for international protection

This practical tool presents a comprehensive approach for the lodging of applications for international protection. The tool is based on the relevant EU legal provisions and good practices gathered from Member States.


Newsletter on Asylum Case Law, Issue No 4/2021

EASO Newsletter on Asylum Case Law, Issue No 4/2021

A compilation of cases related to asylum which were pronounced from September to November 2021.