Practical guide on the application of cessation clauses

This practical guide aims to provide guidance to case officers when examining the application of cessation clauses and to policy officers as well when implementing national workflows in the context of the cessation process.


Protecting women and girls in the asylum procedure

Protecting women and girls in the asylum procedure, Fact Sheet No EASO/IAS/2021/4

The fact sheet presents information on women and girls as a vulnerable group of applicants as extracted from the EASO Asylum Report 2021.

Developments in asylum procedures in EU+ countries in response to the situation in Afghanistan

Developments in asylum procedures in EU+ countries in response to the situation in Afghanistan, Situational Update, Issue No 7

Based on official, public sources, this bulletin presents an overview of changed policies and practices for asylum applicants from Afghanistan.

Country Guidance: Syria (November 2021)

This country guidance document provides an in-depth analysis of the situation in Syria, focussing on the key elements of qualification for international protection.

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Country Guidance: Afghanistan (November 2021)

Please note that this country guidance document has been replaced by a more recent one.
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COI Report: Iraq - Key socio-economic indicators for Baghdad, Basrah and Sulaymaniyah (November 2021)

This report provides an analysis of the key socio-economic indicators (employment, food security, housing and living conditions, etc.) for Baghdad, Basrah and Sulaymaniyah.


COI Research Guide on LGBTIQ (November 2021)

This guide focuses on sexual and gender minorities: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) persons and it carries out a research on their situation.

Compilation of Jurisprudence on Ending international protection

This compilation of jurisprudence is intended to be an accompanying resource to the Judicial analysis and to provide courts and tribunals in Member States with a helpful aid when hearing appeals or conducting reviews of decisions on applications concerning ending international protection