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Two new Cooperation Networks joined EASO’s family

External Dimension networks

Did you know that since 2014, EASO has an External Dimension Network?

The aim of the existence of this Network is to ensure efficient and smooth communication on matters related to EASO’s external action with EU+ countries, EU institutions, Third Countries (TCs) and other stakeholders.

During 2019, EASO carried out a consultation process with relevant stakeholders aimed to restructure the Network and respond to the increasing demand for two separate networks, namely the Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Network and Third Country Cooperation Network. Both were launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Given the growing importance of resettlement in the EU’s agenda and the increasing relevance of EU+ countries’ contribution to international solidarity, the newly formed Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Network responds to the needs expressed by EU+ countries. Resettlement pledges need to be complemented by a Network to exchange on operational implementation and a number of EU-specific issues related to resettlement. The first meeting of the network was held on 21-22 January 2020 in Malta, with the participation of representatives from 18 EU+ countries as well as from DG HOME, EU Delegation in Ankara, EU-FRANK and Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

External Dimension networksThe Third Country Cooperation Network focusses on technical cooperation with, and capacity building support to, TCs on matters related to asylum and reception. The Network also aims to respond to the need of more effectively involving EU+ countries and other stakeholders in the definition and implementation of EASO-TCs cooperation frameworks. Additionally, the Network can support improved information-sharing, communication and knowledge management and create opportunities for finding synergies and avoiding duplication between avenues of support.

The first meeting of this network was held on 5 February 2020 in Brussels, with the participation of representatives from 16 EU+ countries as well as from DG HOME and UNHCR.


More updates on the work of the Networks will be shared with you in the following Newsletters, or through our various communication channels.