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Information and Analysis on Developments in Asylum

The EUAA collects information through various sources and produces analyses of developments in legislation, policies, practices and jurisprudence related to asylum. The information is vital to monitor the evolution of the Common European Asylum System, identify emerging trends and inform evidence-based decision-making. The EUAA manages public and restricted platforms to help foster the exchange of information across EU+ countries and promote continued cooperation.


Information and Documentation System

The EUAA Information and Documentation System (IDS) is a comprehensive database which provides policy-makers and officials from more than 50 national authorities with up-to-date information on each stage of the asylum process. The information covers developments in policies, practices and legislation at European and national levels, enabling users to compare practices across countries. 

The IDS platform is restricted to registered users from national asylum and reception administrations. The information in the  database is reviewed and validated by national contact points.

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Case Law Database

The EUAA Case Law Database presents jurisprudence related to the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). It is a publicly-available resource which includes summaries of case law issued by European and national courts. It serves as a timely source of accurate information which can be referenced chronologically or through a search function.

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Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law 

Query System

The EUAA Query System is a restricted platform where national administrations can request detailed information from other EU+ countries on policies and practices related to the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). Through the platform, users have quick access to information to respond to changing patterns in asylum trends. Information in the Query System can be easily searched by topic, country, date and key words. 

The EUAA Query Portal is an online tool to manage the steps of the Query System. By automating the query process, users have greater accessibility, easier exchanges and transparency in the information collection. 

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There are four different query systems on migration and asylum which are managed by the EUAA, the European Migration Network (EMN), the General Directors’ Immigration Services Conference (GDISC) and Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC). Each system has a clearly-defined scope. To avoid a duplication of efforts and responder burden, the EUAA, EMN, GDISC and IGC first verify if the information already exists in one of the databases.


National Asylum Developments Database 

The National Asylum Developments Database presents an overview of the legislative, institutional and policy changes in EU+ countries which are reported in the Asylum Report. Main developments can be easily searched by country, year, type of development and steps of the asylum procedure.

Asylum Report Brochure   Access the National Asylum Developments Database

Who is Who in International Protection

Who is Who in International Protection is a mapping project of key stakeholders and their roles in asylum and reception systems. The information is based on publicly-available sources and EUAA reports. The platform, which features interactive data visualisations, is regularly updated with new topics.

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