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Surveys of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine - thematic fact sheet, June 2023

Research Programme

Life in the host country - registration and reception

This thematic factsheet provides information from the updated SAM - UKR survey on reception and registration for displaced persons from Ukraine, demographic profiles, employment status, access to accommodation, levels of satisfaction with key aspects of living in the host countries and most urgent needs. The survey is still ongoing, and data collected will be used to provide situational updates to European policymakers and will enable services to be better tailored for refugees from Ukraine.

On 11 April 2022, the EUAA in partnership with OECD launched the Surveys of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine (SAM - UKR). The goal of this project is to collect data directly from displaced people fleeing the war in Ukraine into the EU. The survey is voluntary and anonymous and is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. The questionnaire was updated on 9 February 2023 to reflect new topics of interest, such as returns and back and forth movements, as well as needs of displaced population. This factsheet is based on data from the SAM-UKR survey collected between 9 February and 17 May 2023.


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