Forced displacement from and within Ukraine

A Joint Report on profiles, experiences, and aspirations of affected populations

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced an unprecedented number of people to flee their homes in search of safety.


Surveys of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine Factsheet 14 June 2022

Based on responses received between 11 April and 7 June 2022

On 11 April, the EUAA in partnership with OECD launched the Surveys of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine (SAM - UKR).


Forecasting asylum-related migration to the European Union, and bridging the gap between evidence and policy

Contribution to IOM Migration Policy Practice, Vol. X, Number 4, September - December 2020


Using big data to estimate migration push factors from Africa

Contribution to IOM publication on "Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean"


A Review of Empirical Surveys of AsylumRelated Migrants

Literature review of empirical surveys of asylum-related migrants

Quantitative assessment of asylum-related migration A survey of methodology

Quantitative assessment of asylum-related migration, survey on methodologies

The Push and Pull Factors of AsylumRelated Migration A Literature Review

Literature review of push and pull factors of asylum-related migration