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Country Guidance Syria 2024

Cover of the Country Guidance Syria 2024

Country Guidance: Syria

Publication date: 15 April 2024

The 'Country Guidance: Syria' represents Member States' joint assessment of the situation in the country of origin in relation to the applicable international and EU legislation on international protection. The guidance note, accompanied by the common analysis, was agreed by the Country Guidance Network of senior policy officials in February 2024 and was endorsed by the EUAA Management Board in April 2024.


In addition to this electronic publication, the 'Country Guidance: Syria' (April 2024) is available in pdf format.

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The aim of the country guidance documents is to assist asylum decision-makers and policy-makers in their daily work and to foster convergence in the assessment of applications for international protection and the type of protection granted in the context of the common European asylum system. Member States have an obligation to take into account the common analysis and guidance notes when examining applications for international protection, without prejudice to their competence to decide on individual applications for international protection.

The EUAA country guidance documents are produced in accordance with Article 11 of the EUAA Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2021/2303). Learn more about the methodology and assessment approach of the common analysis and guidance notes in the 'Country Guidance: explained'.

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Country Talks: Syria

The ‘Country Talks: Syria’ were held on 26 April 2024 and were an opportunity to introduce the latest update of the Country Guidance on Syria published on 15 April 2024 along with the recent EUAA COI reports on Somalia and to engage in a conversation driven by the participants’ interest and questions.

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