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Persons with Disabilities in Asylum and Reception Systems

A Comprehensive Overview

This report analyses the latest developments and systems currently in place to manage asylum applicants with disabilities. The information is based on publicly-available sources and submissions to two EUAA surveys.


Displaced Ukrainians with Disabilities Seeking Temporary Protection in Europe

Situational Update No 20

This situational update accompanies the analytical report on asylum applicants with disabilities and focuses on current practices and the latest developments related to displaced Ukrainians with disabilities.


Professionals working in reception centres in Europe: an overview of drug-related challenges and support needs

Joint Report by EMCDDA and EUAA

This report traces the needs and challenges faced by reception authorities in EU+ countries when working with applicants for IP who experience substance use related problems.


Surveys of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine - thematic fact sheet, June 2023

Life in the host country - registration and reception

This thematic factsheet provides information from the updated SAM - UKR survey on reception and registration for displaced persons from Ukraine, demographic profiles, employment status, access to accommodation, levels of satisfaction with key aspects of living in the host countries and most urgen


Environmental sustainability of reception facilities for asylum seekers

Situational Update No 18

Key findings are presented on the environmental sustainability of accommodation structures for asylum seekers.


Victims of Torture

Identification, support and examination of claims - Mapping report

Building on a survey on victims of torture in the EU+, the report touches on medico-legal reporting, national practices and key steps to support the authorities.


Quarterly Overview of Asylum Case Law

Issue No 1/2023

A compilation of cases related to asylum which were pronounced from December 2022 to February 2023.


EUAA - Niger Pilot Roadmap

The EUAA-NE Pilot Roadmap is currently on hold.