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Quality Assurance Tool

The Quality Assurance Tool application (QAT app) is a user-friendly tool for a more streamlined and efficient internal quality assurance process. It allows the user to systematically assess the quality of asylum personal interviews and first-instance decisions. Providing insights into the overall quality of the interviewing and decision-making processes; and assists in identifying possible weaker points for which follow-up actions may be needed whilst highlighting good practices. 

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Read the User manual for further information about the application and the Practical guidance for information about the assessment methodology. 



The first version of the application was launched in December 2018 and the second in March 2021. The new version available herein includes a new user-friendly design and extended reporting functionalities, including the possibility to create comparative aggregated reports. It also includes additional assessment forms for quality reviews of personal interviews and first-instance decisions on admissibility grounds (safe third country concept).

What are the main features of the QAT app?

  • Personal interview and first-instance decision assessment in substance. 
  • Personal interview and first-instance decision assessment for the admissibility examination under the safe third country concept. 
  • Detailed reporting (aggregated reports and comparative aggregated reports). 
  • File conversion - to be able to use older assessment files with the new tool. 

What about security aspects?

  • QAT app does not require an internet connection after installing it for the first time (however, for updates to be downloaded a brief connection will be needed periodically). 
  • Data is saved only on your local pc or local network; no data is sent to any external location or server.

How does the QAT app work?


  • The QAT app is a browser-based application and works on any device that can run a supported browser. The minimum requirements of supported browsers are: 
    • Google Chrome 40 
    • Microsoft Edge 17 
  • The QAT app can be use online or offline. 
    If you prefer to use the application offline, you need to install the QAT app in your device by clicking on this icon which appears at the end of the address bar of the browser. Guidance in this regard can be found in the user manual section ‘How to Access and Install the Application’. 
  • The assessments you conduct through the app are stored in a format that can only be viewed and modified through this app. It is also possible to export the assessment forms to PDF for printing and sharing. 
  • A folder with individual personal interview and first-instance decision assessments files can be used for generating aggregated or comparative aggregated reports analysing the overall quality of larger batches of cases. 
  • To save assessments created through the QAT app in a desired folder on your device or local network or to rename the files, it is necessary to adjust the setting of the browser. Guidance in this regard can be found in the user manual section ‘Browser settings’.