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Last update: December 2020
*Minor updates added November 2021

This profile refers to Afghan nationals under the age of 18.

Most sections under the profile on children have not been reviewed in the current update. While there is limited specific new information, it is considered likely that previous conclusions with regard to children remain largely valid.

An element to take into account is that it is not currently clear whether the Taliban government intends to adhere to international treaties that Afghanistan has previously entered into. Similarly, there is no clarity regarding the status and relevance of pre-existing national laws. However, it can be noted that in the past proposed national laws regarding children’s rights have been blocked due to a disagreement over ‘the definition of a child as under-18’, which has been seen as a contravention to the Sharia.

In the following subsections, the focus is on certain child-specific circumstances of increased vulnerability and risks that children in Afghanistan may be exposed to.


The contents of this section include: