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EUAA Response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine / Заходи реагування EUAA на вторгнення Росії в Україну

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JHAAN Presidency

In 2023, the EUAA held the Presidency of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network (JHAAN).

The JHAAN was established in 2010 to increase cooperation between Justice and Home Affair Agencies: CEPOL, EIGE, EMCDDA, EUAA, eu-LISA, Eurojust, Europol, FRA and Frontex.

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JHAAN Presidency
Latest Publications

Latest Asylum Trends 2023

Analysis of the Latest Asylum Trends for 2023 reporting on applications received in EU+ countries and the key nationalities applying for protection. The report also covers changing trends in pending cases as well as recognition rates across EU+ countries.

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Cover of the Latest Asylum Trends 2023 - Annual Analysis


detsember 2023

Ühtne programmdokument 2024–2026 - Kokkuvõte

Kokkuvõte ühtsest programmdokumendist 2024–2026 koos 2024. aasta tööprogrammiga

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oktoober 2023

2022. aasta konsolideeritud tegevusaruanne


EUAA 2022. aasta lõpu aruande kokkuvõte

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juuli 2023

Varjupaigavaldkonna aruanne 2023: Kommenteeritud kokkuvõte

A summary of the Agency's flagship report, which presents a comprehensive overview of key developments in asylum in 2022. It summarises changes to policies, practices and legislation, with examples of case law.

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märts 2023

EUAA õigusalaste töötubade kataloog

This catalogue details the EUAA judicial workshops for judicial practitioners in the field of international protection on a variety of topics relating to the Common European Asylum System. The workshops are complemented by the EUAA judicial materials.

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