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Overview of the Role of UNHCR in EU+ Countries

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 7

Accompanied by an interactive data visualisation, this report presents UNHCR's activities and priorities across EU+ countries by mapping the agency's specific role in asylum procedures.



Displaced Ukrainians with Disabilities Seeking Temporary Protection in Europe

Situational Update No 20

This situational update accompanies the analytical report on asylum applicants with disabilities and focuses on current practices and the latest developments related to displaced Ukrainians with disabilities.


Persons with Disabilities in Asylum and Reception Systems

A Comprehensive Overview

This report analyses the latest developments and systems currently in place to manage asylum applicants with disabilities. The information is based on publicly-available sources and submissions to two EUAA surveys.


Residence permits and travel documents for third-country nationals in the context of asylum

Fact Sheet No 23

This fact sheet explores developments in the issuance of residence permits and travel documents to third-country nationals.


Family reunification for beneficiaries of international protection

Fact Sheet No 22

This fact sheet presents information on family reunification for beneficiaries of international protection as extracted from the EUAA Asylum Report 2023.


LGBTIQ applicants in asylum systems

Fact Sheet No 20

This fact sheet presents developments in 2022 related to LGBTIQ applicants in asylum systems in EU+ countries. The information is extracted from the Asylum Report 2023.


Recognition rates: Granting international protection in EU+ countries

Fact Sheet No 19

The fact sheet explores positive decisions on asylum applications in EU+ countries, as extracted from the Asylum Report 2023.


2023. évi menekültügyi jelentés: Vezetői összefoglaló

A summary of the Agency's flagship report, which presents a comprehensive overview of key developments in asylum in 2022. It summarises changes to policies, practices and legislation, with examples of case law.