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2.9. Individuals perceived to have transgressed moral and/or societal norms

Last update: April 2022

This profile refers to individuals whose actions, behaviours, or practices are seen as transgressing moral codes, and/or societal norms. Persons considered by the Taliban as non-compliant with their moral and religious norms are also included under this profile. Individuals perceived as ‘westernised’ due to, for example, their having spent time in western countries, their professions, activities, behaviour, appearance and expressed opinions, which are seen as non-Afghan, non-Muslim, are also included under this profile.

It is difficult to provide an exhaustive list of practices perceived as a transgression of moral and/or societal norms in Afghanistan. The latter depend on several factors such as local context, actors involved or stakeholders’ norm interpretation. In some cases, the transgression of these norms may be interpreted as ’westernisation’ by the Taliban or the Afghan society.

See also 2.10 Individuals considered to have committed blasphemy and/or apostasy.