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In 2018, Member States continued transposing 16 the provisions of the recast asylum Directives. In Belgium, on 22 March, the two Laws of November 2017,17 which amended the Immigration Act and the Reception Act to finalise the transposition of the Asylum Procedures Directive 2013/32/EU and the Reception Conditions Directive 2013/33/EU came into force. In Finland, in December 2018, changes to the processing of subsequent applications for international protection were proposed, informed by the provisions of the Asylum Procedures Directive. The aim of the legislative amendment (confirmed into law on 29 March 2019 and entering into force on 1 June 2019) is to reduce the possibilities of misusing the subsequent application procedure. In Ireland, on 6 March 2018, legislation was introduced to give further effect to Regulation (EU) 604/2013 (Dublin III Regulation).18 In addition, in June 2018, the (recast) Reception Conditions Directive was transposed into Irish law 19. In Sweden, Article 27 (3) c) of the Dublin III Regulation on remedies was transposed to national law. Slovakia also introduced amendments to the Act on Asylum 20, transposing provisions of the (recast) Asylum Procedures Directive. Among others, the Asylum Act now explicitly states that the time limit for processing applications for international protection is six months, as a main rule, which can be further extended in specific circumstances. France used the opportunity of the new law on asylum and immigration 21 to continue transposing provisions of the recast Asylum Procedures, Reception Conditions and Qualification Directives.


16 Recast Directives should have been transposed into national law by the general deadline of 20 July 2015. Denmark is not bound by the Directives. UK has opted out of both recast Directives and thus continues to be bound by the Asylum Procedures Directive (Directive 2005/85/EC) and the Reception Conditions Directive (Directive 2003/9/EC). Ireland opted into the recast Reception Conditions Directive (Directive 2013/33/EU) and continues to be bound by the Asylum Procedures Directive (Directive 2005/85/EC) and the Qualification Directive (Directive 2004/83/EC). ​​
17 BE LEG 02: Law of 21 November 2017, Amending the Asylum Act and the Reception Act (entry into Force on 22 March 2018).

18 IE LEG 02: European Union (Dublin System) Regulations 2018.
19 IE LEG 01: European Communities (Reception Conditions) Regulations 2018.
20 SK LEG 02: Act No. 198/2018 Coll.
21 FR LEG 01: Law of 10 September 2018.