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Please note that this country guidance document has been replaced by a more recent one. The latest versions of country guidance documents are available at

Last updated: June 2018*

This profile includes people who belong to the Baha’i religion.

COI summary

Sources indicate that the Baha’i faith is considered a form of blasphemy, based on a fatwa issued in 2007 by the General Directorate of Fatwa and Accounts, under the Supreme Court. Under the ruling, Baha’i practitioners and converts to the faith are viewed as ‘infidels’ or ‘apostates’. However, there are no reports of Baha’i practitioners being charged for either crimes as of 2016 [Society-based targeting, 2.5].

Risk analysis

The acts to which individuals under this profile could be exposed are of such severe nature that they would amount to persecution (e.g. death penalty, violent attacks).

In the case of the Baha’i (considered blasphemers or apostates), in general, well-founded fear of persecution would be substantiated.

Nexus to a reason for persecution

Available information indicates that persecution of this profile is for reasons of religion.

See also the profile concerning 2.16 Individuals considered to have committed blasphemy and/or apostasy.


* No recent common COI has been consulted for the purposes of this update and the information and analysis within this section remain unchanged as from June 2018 when the document was originally published.