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Last updated: January 2021

The general conclusions on the reasonableness of IPA for particular profiles of applicants are based on an assessment of the general situation in the three cities, and the individual circumstances of such applicants, as outlined in the sections above.

Taking into account the ethno-religious background of the applicant, it could be substantiated that IPA in the cities of Baghdad, Basrah, Erbil would be reasonable for single able-bodied men and married couples without children, who have identification documents and have no additional vulnerabilities, including when they do not have a support network. In the case of families with children, internal protection alternative may be reasonable, including without a support network, where the best interests of the child have been duly assessed.

Although the situation related to settling in the three cities entails certain hardships, it can still be concluded that such applicants would be able to ensure their basic subsistence, housing, shelter and hygiene, and access to basic healthcare.

In order to ensure their basic needs, other profiles of applicants would in general need a support network in the area of potential IPA. However, additional individual circumstances may be relevant to take into account when assessing the reasonableness of IPA.

It should be highlighted that these conclusions are without prejudice to the criteria of safety, travel and admittance and that the individual circumstances in the case at hand should be fully examined.