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2.5. Pending cases awaiting a final decision

2.5.1 Pending cases: EU+ overview 

At the end of 2018, some 896 560 applications were awaiting a final decision in the EU+. This was only 6 % less than those at the same time in 2017 but 21 % less than those at the end of 2016 (Fig. 23). A decline was registered for the second year in a row. Nevertheless, the number of pending cases at the end of 2018 was considerably higher than at the end of 2014. Read more... 

2.5.2 Pending cases per citizenship of origin

The top five nationalities of asylum applicants awaiting a final decision remained the same as in 2017 (Fig. 25) but for each of these nationalities the stock decreased. Applications by AfghansSyriansIraqisNigerians and Pakistanis represented 43 % of the stock at the EU+ level. Read more..

2.5.3 Pending cases per EU+ country

At the end of 2018, Germany continued to be the country with the largest stock of pending cases at all instances taken together despite a minor reduction compared to a year earlier (Fig. 26). Germany remained the country with the largest number of pending cases for the eight consecutive year. Read more...