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Guidance on Vulnerability in Asylum and Reception

Operational standards and indicators

These operational standards and indicators support Member States in the implementation of key provisions of the CEAS, addressing issues related to applicants in a situation of vulnerability in asylum and reception.


Guidance on Reception

Operational standards and indicators

The standards and indicators elaborated in this guidance support Member States in the implementation of reception-related aspects of the CEAS, complementing EASO’s 2016 guidance.


Country Guidance: Afghanistan (May 2024)

Common analysis and guidance note

This country guidance document provides an in-depth analysis of the situation in Afghanistan, focussing on the key elements of qualification for international protection.

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Stakeholders Involved in the Dublin Procedure

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 9

The report presents the stakeholders which are involved in each stage of the Dublin procedure at the national level, including actors involved in conducting the Dublin interview and replying to requests from other Member States.


The Role and Competencies of Dublin Units

Who is Who in International Protection in the EU+, Issue No 8

The report presents an overview of the national authorities which are responsible for the Dublin procedure. It maps their place within the institutional framework and the activities for which they are responsible.


Practical Guide on Quality Assurance in Asylum Procedures

This guide aims to support asylum administrations to implement a quality assurance methodology in the asylum procedure and further develop their quality management systems.


Quality Assurance Tool

Examination of applications for international protection

EUAA has developed a tool to provide EU+ countries with a common framework for quality assessment of the examination of applications for international protection. 


Sudan - Country Focus

The report provides an overview of the situation in Sudan, in the period 15 April 2023 - January 2024, in terms of security issues and selected profiles, relevant for international protection, affected by the conflict.