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Through systematic training, countries can implement common procedures into their asylum systems and share best practices to achieve harmonisation in CEAS. To this end, EASO provides training to national experts and produces manuals and technical guides for reference. The training curriculum is continuously updated to respond to changing trends in migration.


Box 3.7 EASO training

EASO continues to develop and provide standardised training to asylum experts and national administrations. Training courses are continuously tailored to address current trends and challenges. This is a key method by which EASO can build capacity in countries and ensure effective implementation of the CEAS.

Interactive modules cover all stages of the asylum procedure through blended learning methodology, combining e-learning and face-to-face sessions. Training modules are available in several languages.

How is the Dublin system applied in practice? Which country has the responsibility to examine an application for international protection? What measures should be taken when interviewing vulnerable persons? Questions like these are addressed in a systematic way through the training modules, directed at case officers and other asylum officials or based on a multiplier effect by training the national trainer. 

EASO’s training modules cover each stage of the asylum process, and new courses are continuously developed to address emerging trends and challenges. Over 2019, EASO held new train-the-trainers sessions focused on the Dublin III Regulation, identifying potential Dublin cases, country of origin information and MedCOI. EASO also continued to provide ad hoc training sessions to address specific needs of Member States in the framework of Operational Support and third countries in the framework of the External Dimension.


Box 3.8 EASO training in 2019 

EASO continued to enhance its training curriculum with new and updated material, responding to new developments and changes in the field of asylum in Europe. In addition, EASO undertook close consultations with EU+ countries to understand their training needs and training plans. 

Three training modules were completed in 2019 on medical country of origin information (MedCOI), country of origin information (COI) and management in the asylum context. New training modules were developed on reception for vulnerable persons and registration of applications for international protection, while modules on evidence assessment and exclusion were updated.

Together with Member States, EASO created a baseline for quality assurance in training. It mapped the current EASO system against the 10 quality standards of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG 2015).