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2.2. Persons who evaded or deserted military service

Last update: November 2021
This section provides an analysis with regard to the profiles of:
  • Draft evader: A draft evader is a Syrian male, above the age of 18, who has avoided being drafted into the SAA either by hiding form the Syrian authorities or by fleeing Syria.
  • Deserter: A deserter is a former SAA soldier (e.g. a conscript, a non-commissioned officer (corporal or sergeant) or an officer) who has left his post or unit in the SAA and is thus no longer in active military service.

  • Defector: A defector is a former SAA soldier who has left the SAA and defected to an armed opposition group in Syria.

‘Military service’ is used broadly to cover both military service and reserve service in the SAA.

For more information on the structure of the Syrian Armed Forces, see Government of Syria and associated armed groups.


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