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STANDARD 33: Ensure access to and participation in the education system.

Indicator 33.1: All unaccompanied children should have access to internal or external preparatory classes, including language classes, when necessary, in order to facilitate their access to and participation in the education system.

  • Additional remarks: Unaccompanied children need support, sometimes permanently, to become familiar with the education system and to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to actively participate in mainstream classes.

Indicator 33.2: Internal or external arrangements, including infrastructure, curriculum, and trained staff, are in place to ensure effective preparatory classes in line with the needs of the children.

  •  Additional remarks: Special attention should be paid to resources needed for an effective implementation of preparatory classes.

Good practice on preparatory classes
It is considered good practice to:

✓ provide for intensive language classes in line with the needs, levels of maturity and cultural background of unaccompanied children;
✓ provide for guidelines and criteria to assess skills and previous education of unaccompanied children for enrolment in school;
✓ raise awareness of teachers and educators, internally and externally, about specific needs and background of unaccompanied children.