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Introductory remarks

In this subchapter, the term ‘maintenance’ should be understood as ‘a set of activities which are required and undertaken to conserve the original condition of the housing as much as possible and as long as possible’.

While the maintenance of the reception facility falls under the overall responsibility of the relevant authorities in the EU+ States, unaccompanied children may also be involved on a voluntary basis, if allowed by national legislation/ regulation. When unaccompanied children are involved, it has to be on an educational basis, taking into account the age of the unaccompanied child and they should be advised and supervised by staff. In some cases, this would also be remunerated as part of small jobs given out within the collective housing. In those cases, the process should be supervised by the responsible body or by a special company responsible for maintenance works.

STANDARD 56: Ensure the safety and proper functioning of the housing facilities through regular maintenance.

Indicator 56.1: The good functioning of the housing and its furniture and equipment is assessed on a regular basis.

  •  Additional remarks: These checks should take place at least on a yearly basis. A checklist can help to carry out the assessment.

Indicator 56.2: Unaccompanied children have the possibility to report the necessity of maintenance and repairs.

Indicator 56.3: Repairs and replacements needed within the housing are carried out promptly and with adequate quality.

  •  Additional remarks: Without prejudice to the fact that the overall responsibility for maintenance of the housing lies with the reception authority, certain maintenance tasks could be carried out by the unaccompanied children voluntarily and on an educational basis, taking into account the age of a child and it always should be advised and supervised by staff. The overall supervision in any event should lie with the responsible body.