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Operational standards and indicators on the reception conditions of unaccompanied minors 

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3. Allocation    

13. Specific and objective reasons (e. g. age, maturity and special needs) linked to the individual situation of the unaccompanied child, the specific care offered by the reception facility and the type of facility and possibilities of noninstitutionalised forms of care are taken into account when allocating the unaccompanied child.

13.1 A mechanism is in place to consider whether there are specific and objective reasons for the allocation of a particular housing.

14. Ensure that family unity is respected, in line with the principle of the best interests of the child.

14.1 Unaccompanied children who are siblings (in accordance with the definition of Article 24 (2) RCD) are accommodated together with their agreement.

14.2 Unaccompanied children, their spouses and their children can be accommodated together if this is in line with the best interests of the unaccompanied child and in accordance with relevant national law.

14.3 Where possible and appropriate, family unity should be respected with regard to members of the broader family.

15. Ensure that special needs are taken into account when (re-)allocating a particular housing to an unaccompanied

15.1 The allocation of particular housing to unaccompanied children is based on an assessment of their special reception needs.

15.2 There is a possibility to transfer an unaccompanied child as a result of identified special reception needs.

15.3 Transferring unaccompanied children should be limited to a minimum and only occur when they service the best interests of the child, for example better access to family members or educational services.

15.4 Unaccompanied children turning 18 should be allowed to stay in the same place /area if possible. Special measures should take place when transferring an unaccompanied child turning 18 to an adult reception facility. The transfer should be carefully organised together with both reception facilities and the unaccompanied child.