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2.12.2. Women perceived to be associated with anti-government armed groups

Common analysis
Last updated: September 2020

COI summary

[Main COI reference: Targeting, 1; Situation of women, 1.1.2, 2.4]

GoS is reported to view as political dissent the activities of wide categories of individuals, including relatives of suspected armed group members, who have also been targeted by them. Moreover, a large number of female relatives of men perceived to be opposition supporters, or suspected of belonging to armed groups, were arbitrarily detained by GoS forces and experienced sexual violence in detention. There is also information that women originating from opposition-held areas have been arrested when visiting government-held areas.

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ISIL family members have been transferred to Al-Hol camp from ISIL’s former stronghold in Baghuz. Around 11 000 ISIL family members were separated from other residents and, according to many of them, denied access to food and medical care.

The Al Hol camp hosts more than 66 000 persons, around 96 % of whom are women and children.Because of their familial links to ISIL, they have reportedly suffered discrimination at the hands of SDF forces, including harassment, denial of healthcare, restricted movement due to security considerations, and looting. Because of the dire humanitarian conditions, at least 390 displaced people have died of pneumonia, dehydration or malnutrition, either on the way to the camp or after their arrival. [Security 2020,]

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2.12.2. Women perceived to be associated with anti-government armed groups