Input by civil society to the EASO Annual Report 2016

On 24th January, EASO launched a call for civil society input to the 2016 Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum. EASO is pleased to announce that by the deadline of 20th February, we have received a total number of 22 contributions. The table below provides an overview of the organisations who provided input, including their respective contributions. EASO would like to sincerely thank all organisation for their cooperation and input, which is much appreciated!  

The Annual Report 2016 has now been published and is available online.  


Organisation Contribution
Action Aid Hellas [EN]
Asylum Protection Centre Serbia [EN]
Asylum Research Consultancy [EN]
Caritas UK [EN]
Danish Refugee Council [EN]
Danish Refugee Council Greece [EN]
Dispatch from EASO [EN]
Dutch Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs [EN]
ECRE [Part1] [Part 2] 
Forum Refugies Cosi [EN]
Greek Ministry of Migration Policy [EN]
Human Rights House Zagreb Croatia [EN]
Hungarian Helsinki Committee [EN]
Immigrant Council of Ireland [EN]
Ludwig Boltmann Institute [EN]
Metadrasi [EN]
Migrant Integration Centre, Romania [EN]
Norwegian Refugee Council [EN]
Red Acoge [EN]
University of Wroclaw [EN]