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Last update: June 2022

The first step in the analysis of IPA is to identify a particular part of the country with regard to which the criteria of Article 8 QD would be examined in the individual case.

The examples of Mogadishu, Garowe and Hargeisa have been selected as the main urban centres in Somalia, including Puntland and Somaliland.

The selection of the three cities for this common analysis and guidance note does not prevent case officers from considering the application of IPA for other parts of Somalia, provided that all criteria described hereunder are met.

When identifying the relevant part of the country to assess as IPA, the clan affiliation of the applicant would be an important consideration. For example, for applicants from the Darood/Harti clan family, Garowe may be particularly relevant to assess. Similarly, Hargeisa may be particularly relevant to assess for applicants originating from Somaliland and/or belonging to the Isaaq clan family. For applicants from other clans, Mogadishu may be more relevant to assess, due to the presence of multiple clans in the city.